Jonah's new album "This is the Year" is available. Click here to get it.
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Jonah's debut album: "This is the Year"
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This is the Year

Now available on iTunes and CDBaby

Jonah's Debut Album

Get it today on iTunes or order a hard copy from CDBaby!... click on album links above for options.

So Timeless performing regularly at fine establishments throughout the SF Bay Area.

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Jonah of So Timeless

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New music video completed!

Watch the music videos for "Classic", "Beautiful" and "Find Another Way" from the link up top!!! Stay tuned for more, right here and on your favorite social networks!

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R&B, Neo-Soul, Funk... and plenty of passion and heart


"So Timeless", originally known as "Timeless" in the San Francisco Bay Area, was established in 2004 by Johnny "Jonah" Johnson. "So Timeless" is now a complete production team, having morphed from its roots as a live band. The collection of artists and musicians was assembled with the purpose of providing live entertainment for shows, benefit concerts, weddings, festivals, etc; and with the goal to produce albums throughout different genres of music.

Jonah's desire was to create a team that could adapt to, and exceed the client's musical expectations. "We pride ourselves in flowing like water; sometimes steam, sometimes ice, but always quenching the client's musical thirst." Since their inception, "So Timeless" has been very active in community affairs; taking part in benefit concerts for St. Jude Hospital, for breast cancer research, and for organizations like the "Healing Circle" that fight against battered women and children, and help those families that have lost loved ones. They have taken part in all-age, free, open mic's for the last four years, which allow youth in the Bay Area the freedom to be creative in a positive drug and alcohol free zone.

So Timeless professional group shot

Originally, Timeless started with a team of about 10 musicians, and now "So Timeless" has grown to become more than double that size. "So Timeless" carries their amazing, original music from an assortment of genres, and also play most popular cover tunes in the same passion as the original artists. These cover tunes range from Stevie Wonder, Bobby Caldwell, Earth Wind and Fire, to today's music from Gnarles Barkeley, Musiq Soul Child, Outkast, and Maxwell. For a complete list of covers, visit the Contact page.

Whether "So Timeless" is setting the mood for a quiet, intimate candlelight venue, or raising the crowd out of their seats to the dance floor, the client will not go wrong with choosing this dynamic music production team. "So Timeless" is young, professional, classy, energetic, and a definite crowd favorite!


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